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Welcome to the University of Silly

It's an electronic greeting card. It's a funny certificate. It's the perfect gift!

Have you always wanted a college degree but don't have the time, patience, or money to get a real one?

Here at the University of Silly we can solve this by awarding you an 'official' Silly Degree.

The perfect novelty gift!

Is your friend Andrea really smart? Does she just think she is? For just $1.37, thats right only $1.37, we will email her a Silly Degree awarding her a PhD in Silly!

How silly are you? We offer Bachelors, Masters, and ever Doctorates in silly!

Don't forget to order some Silly Merchandise to show off your school spirit!

The University of Silly is the finest non-accredited virtual university on the Internet!

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Order now and we create a custom webpage with the degree and then enter it into our online registry that you can share with your friends and loved ones! Looks great on your MySpace, Facebook, website or digital picture frame!

So go ahead and click Order Now: Graduate and get your Silly Degree today!

But wait there's more:

Order with Paypal and we will email you a free coupon good at any SillyService!

That's right: Buy One, Get One Free!

It's all in good fun, and prefect for a birthday, holiday, or anytime you want to send someone a smile!


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